Short term rental agreement


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A.         Reservation and cancellation policy


1.                  We take full deposit for any reservations done 180 days before booking

2.                  We take 50% deposit for reservation done more than 6 months in advance

3.                  Full balance must be paid no later then 120 days before the reservation date.

4.                  Cancellation for full refund is available no later then 90 days prior to booking.

5.                  If cancellation was done less then 90 days, refund is available only if apartment has been re-booked for the same dates.

6.                  We accept only  Visa/ MC/ Am-Ex, and discover

7.                  Refunds will be credited in the same form it was received.

8.                  To reserve the apartment we ask that you supply the following:                                                         

A.   full name and address ( same as credit card supplied)

B.   Credit card #

C.   Expiration Date

D.     Last 3 digits on the back of the card on right (visa/ MC) and 4 digits on right above CC # for America Express.

E.      Phone number (best cell number)

F.      E mail address


9.                  Always call 24 hours before your arrival to confirm time of arrival and key arrangement or special requests you may have.  Please call Ryan at 781 389 0253 or Dror at 617 909 8869

10.              Please bring your confirmation with you as well as apartment description.




B.         This is s short term rental addendum  agreement for the apartment listed in the confirmation


1.                    Check in time is after 2pm and check out must be before 11am unless other arrangement was made.   Tenant may be charged additional $75 if cleaning crew can not clean the apartment due to late departure of the tenant.  If new tenant can not check in you may be charged to place him/her in a hotel.  Please check out on time and always bring your keys back to 433 Hanover street mailbox at Greater Metro RE

2.                    The Tenants are responsible for properly bagging and removing trash from individual units on the appropriate trash days.  Any and all fines accrue from failing to abide Local and City Sanitation Statutes will be levied to the lessee.  For Battery Street and Foster Street and North Bennet Ct buildings,  trash days are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday after 5 pm.  Trash can be places on the street in a closed trash bags.  Absolutely no loose trash..  Recycles are can be put out on Tuesday after 5pm.  Paper on paper bags, glass, plastic and aluminum in separate bags.  See instruction in front entrance or call the city of Boston recycling depart.

3.                    Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs in the units.

4.                  Lessor will maintain all appliances, fixtures and mechanical systems during the term of the lease

5.                    In an event that a  security deposit equal to one month’s rent was charged it  will be returned to the lessee within 30 days after the termination of this lease or upon the lessee’s vacating the premises completely, together with all his/her possessions, whichever shall last occur, after deducting any unpaid rent and other charges due and reasonable amount necessary to repair any damage(s) caused to the premises by the lessee or any person under the Lessee’s consent, reasonable wear and tear excluded.  The deposit is not to be considered pre-paid rent.

6.                    A last month’s rent, equal to one month’s rent, which will be applied to the last month of tenancy.

7.                    A $45.00 dollar charge for each lost, stolen, or misplaced set of keys.

8.                    All costs incurred for collection of rent or charges due, but unpaid, for more then thirty days (30).

9.                    Interest at the rate of 18% per year (1.5% per month), on rent or other charges overdue thirty days or more.

10.                 Lessee (s) agree to pay all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees for the collection and enforcement of this lease.

11.                 All tenants deserve “quite enjoyment”.  Be considerate; do not play loud music after 11 pm.

12.                 If you encounter a maintenance problem call immediately and do not wait for the problem to get worse.  The emergency number is ABN Services at 617-519 7002

13.                 All utilities are paid by the lessor accept  long distance and international calls that are made with the apartment’s phone  and pay per view or additional charges on the Cable TV.

14.                 If you have a pet you must always take it out on a leash, and pick up after it.

15.                 Any unpaid balance, including rent, damages, court costs and interest due will affect your credit, be reported to a credit bureau, be given to a collection agency, and possibly involve legal action.

16.                 Lesser will use its best effort to response to problems in the apartment expediently.  Please exercise patient as it may take time to get repair professionals. As long as tenant remain in the apartment and did not relocate due to unforeseen major problems such as no electricity, no water, no heat etc, tenant will be responsible for the entire rent.

             Due to the fact that we are a very affordable alternative to hotels, we promise to do the best we can to address maintenance issues expediently, but we have to make it clear that no maintenance issue is a reason for a refund or a compensation unless the tenant vacated and had to find an alternative accommodations.


17.                 In Battery street and Foster Street buildings the intercom works through your phone number. If someone buzzes you on the intercom you will see it as a regular call on you phone.  If you want to let that person in just dial 0 and hang up

18.                 It is imperative that you close the building’s front door behind you.


19.                 The roof is off limits at all time.

20.                 We wish you a nice time and feel free to call us should you have any questions 617 909 8869



C.         Short term apartment agreement part C



1.                    Rent      All rents must be paid in advance.  Credit always be valid and on file

2.                    Utilities Rent includes all utilities basic phone service, cable and internet.  Any additional expenses incurred by the lessor such as ordering pay per views, using the phone line for internet, otr making long distance calls will be charged to the customer and must be paid within 10 days after receipt of the notice of charge.

3.                  Alteration            Tenant is permitted to arrange the furniture in the apartment as the tenant wishes, however tenant must return the apartment to the original way in which he/she found it before leaving.  Tenant may not paint, decorate, make holes or attach things  with out the landlord explicit written permission

4.                  Cleanliness          The tenant must keep the apartment in a clean and sanitary condition, free of garbage, rubbish and filth.

5.                  Landlord Delays    If for any reason tenant can not move in to the apartment on the date set forth, and it is as a result of  landlord unable to free the apartment, landlord will pro-rate the rent of the apartment but under no circumstances landlord can be held responsible for other expenses incurred as a results of this delay.  If the delay is more then 24 hours tenant may cancel their reservations and receive a full refund.

6.                  Tenant Delay        If tenant has not been able to take occupancy when scheduled not due to landlord’s fault, tenant will be responsible for the rent through the period set forth.

7.                  Storage-   At no time common areas in the building can be used as temporary storage of anything i.e., bicycle, suitcases, baby strollers etc.

8.                  Parking – Parking is not supplied by landlord and landlord can not be held responsible for parking violations.

9.                    Animals:  This is a pet friendly apartment.  No pets will be allowed in the common area of the building with out a leash.  Tenant will be responsible to keep their pets calm and quite as not to disturb the other tenants.  Tenants must guard the furniture in the apartment.  In case of damage to the apartment by the pet, tenant will be charged for repair or replacement of the damage. When leaving the Apartment must be cleaned from all pets food, litter box, and smells.

10.                Consideration for others:   Everyone living in the building must be a good and considerate neighbor who understands and respect the fact that other persons should not be bothered by noise or other disturbances.  A loud party is an example.  The apartment can only be used as a residence and no business activity what so ever can be conducted in the apartment.

11.                Repair- Landlord is responsible for all repairs.  Please notify landlord when something is not working properly.  Please exercise patience as professional help may take some time to arrive.  Landlord will make all efforts to remedy the situation expediently. Maintenance problem may not be used as a reason for discount or cancellation unless the apartment is not habitable as a result of lack of electricity, water or heat etc..  For emergency maintenance call ABN Services at 617 519 7002 or during normal hours call 781 444 7477

12.                 Entry by landlord The landlord or its representative will be entitled to enter the apartment even though the term of the rental has not yet ended.  Entry is permitted if landlord or his representative wants to inspect the apartment, make repairs or if the landlord wants to show the apartment to other persons  who may be interested in renting or buying the property.

13.                 Keys.  In case of an emergency the only authorized locksmith is AOK lock at 617 628 7877

14.                 Occupancy- The apartment may only be occupied by the tenant that is on the confirmation, the husband , wife, and children of that tenant.  The name of the occupants must be relayed as the time of the reservation.   The tenant can not transfer rights to any other person without the implicit written approval of landlord.

15.                 Penalties:  The landlord will never be subject to penalties ( above and beyond reimbursement for actual loss suffered by tenant) solely because the landlord is unable to provide  a service or fulfill other obligation normally required under this agreement, as a result of governmental restrictions, urgent repairs, or any natural cause beyond the control of the landlord.

16.                 Casualty and imminent domain; If the apartment or the building has been substantially damaged by fire or other casualty, the landlord and tenant  may terminate this agreement.

17.                 Rules and Regulations: IN order to help carry out the provisions of the lease landlord will hand tenant the rules and regulations.  Tenant will be responsible to read and follow that guideline.

18.                 Early Termination;  If tenant does not comply with any obligation imposed on the tenant under this lease landlord may terminate the lease by notification to the tenant.  The termination will become effective 48 hours after the notice.  Notice can be done via email or regular mail.

19.                 Notices:  Notices must be given in writing and assume given if It was sent registered letter to the apartment address.

20.                 Personal liability:   If the landlord is a partnership or a trustee of a trust, no individual trustee, beneficiary, shareholder or partner will be personally responsible to pay money damages for failure to comply with any of the obligations of the landlord.

21.                 Attached forms:   Receipt confirmation and the rules and regulations are considered part of this agreement.  Without the receipt confirmation this lease is not valid.

22.                 Legal effect:  Although this agreement has attempted to express the rights and duties of the parties in simple language, the tenant understands that this lease will be treated as a formal legal instrument under seal and will be binding on all persons having any future dealing with the landlord’s property.

23.                 Signatures:  By placing a check mark in the I agree to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement you confirmed that you have read the terms and condition of this agreement and agreed with them, furthermore you agreed that we will charge you Credit Card based on the rent schedule agreed upon and that the confirmation will signified the landlords signature and acceptance of your tenancy.


Owner of Zoe Realty

Dror  Ashuah

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